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5 Steps To Save 30%
On Your Technology Cost Immediately

5 steps

5 steps

Because technology is one of the areas where there is a lot of confusion or frustration it almost always gets lumped into one familiar group when it comes to paying the bills … IT. The problem with this type of grouping is that you lose the details of each specific technology. One bill may go up, another may go down and at the end of the month the check you write is about the same so you donʼt think about it.

Donʼt fall into this trap. Reviewing your IT expenditures on a regular basis can save you $1,000ʼs per year.

A good IT review begins with your Internet Service Provider, works its way through your technology network and ends at where your hardware and software is purchased. Savings can usually be found at each step in the process making the periodic review of this technology chain a worthwhile task. How great would that be if you could save 5-10% at each step in the process.

Remember, service providers are operating in the same “bad economy” as you. They are clamoring for business and understanding how to leverage the current business environment is the key to maximizing results. Many service providers understand this and will, at no cost to you, review a current bill to determine if there is a saving to be realized.

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The Law of Familiarity states that objects appear to be grouped if the groups appear to be familiar or meaningful.