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What’s it like working at Networking Solutions?

Are you ready for a change? Would you like to work for a company where your IT expertise was appreciated and put to good use? Do you have a passion for learning and evolving on the job? If your workplace needs are not currently being fulfilled, it’s time to talk to Networking Solutions and make the move to a company where talent is recognized - and rewarded.

Finding it hard to get your foot in the door of the IT world? We know it can be tough if you don’t have the ‘relevant’ experience. Many other IT firms won’t even consider your application, even if you do have the right qualifications. Not us. At Networking Solutions we believe that a natural aptitude for technology, a keen mind and an eagerness to learn can be just as valuable as having hands on experience.

At Networking Solutions it’s not just about filling roles with people who have the right certifications: it’s about so much more than that. Of course we only hire qualified people that can do the job they are hired to do, but we also only ever employ people that we know are going to be a professional, fun and friendly fit for our team.

Worried that you’re stagnating in your current role? Fretting that you’re going to get left behind in the fast-paced world of Information Technology? We are firm believers in helping you achieve more by encouraging you to actively learn, and gain up-to-date knowledge and more experience through on-going education.

We know that not everyone has their eye on taking over the world. Or even Sacramento! That’s what makes Networking Solutions such a great place for building a long term career. Some of our employees use us as a springboard to catapult their way up the IT career path while others are happy to make us their long term home. No matter which you choose we’ll support you on your journey and are happy to have you join us.

Open Positions

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WANTED: Windows Guru with great communication skills

Networking Solutions is looking for a talented Service Desk Specialist with experience in end user support (help desk), assisting callers with network, hardware, software, and hardware questions and problems. You’ll need a BS in computer science or equivalent, plus experience solving end user problems quickly across a broad spectrum of networks and hardware and software environments, and (if possible) Mac experience. A calm, patient, kind demeanor during occasional trials and difficulties is also a plus! You must also be passionate about giving great customer service. We offer great salary, benefits, and a cool environment.

WANTED: Windows / LINUX Server Rock Star (long hair optional)

Are you bored at your current job? Looking for more of a challenge? Networking Solutions is looking for Windows Desktop / Server Expert Consultants to add to our team of Rock Stars. Do you enjoy problem solving? Do you find yourself playing around with your computer or programming in your spare time, just because it’s fun? If so, you should talk with us about working at Networking Solutions. You’ll need a BS in computer science or equivalent, plus experience in configuring and maintaining IP networks, Active Directory, Exchange, SQL, DNS, DHCP routing, Windows Small Business Servers. You must also be passionate about giving great customer service as well. We offer great salary, benefits, and a cool environment.

Looking for a Computer Problem Slayer

Networking Solutions is on the hunt for our next computer-support-super-hero. Do you get a thrill from the feeling of accomplishment that comes from saving someone’s day (by eliminating their computer woes)? Then you belong on our team. You will also need to like computers – a lot – and be able to translate from binary to the language our customers understand.

We seek a Microsoft Certified Professional (or demonstrated equivalent experience) with a history of providing superior customer service. Can you figure out the subnet of Can you take that and use it to figure out the network and broadcast addresses in your head? How about while talking to someone on the phone about why you must have a 64 bit operating system to install 8GB of RAM and instant messaging a team member about the weather in San Francisco? If so, apply below. We want you on our team!

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