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“I always appreciate the quick help with any issue I have.”

Expression System

“It’s been quite the pleasure working with your company, you rock! Always helpful, always willing to assist us immediately, your world class customer service and follow up process is impeccable thank you!”

RNR Construction

“This was performed in a timely manner. Thank you!”

Raymus Homes

“Quick to action and spent a great deal of time analyzing and researching the issues I was having. Afterwards, my system ran much smoother!”

“No one – not even the best of persons – wants to be called for help at the very end of the last day of the week with a new issue, but that’s what happened to Arian when I called him on a Friday just before 4pm because our fax was being mangled in transmission. It says so much about Arian that there were no changes in his kind demeanor and that he brought all the sharp thinking, possible interventions and resolution that he brings to us so regularly. Additionally I really appreciate his installing PDF Printer because I’ve found it useful for far more than just prescriptions. My thanks to Arian whom I appreciate a lot.”

Animal Vision Center

“Networking Solutions was quick to respond and fixed my issue right away.”

Bennett Engineering Services

“Conner and Pavel were both very professional at resolving the issue. I am very happy with the resolution :):)”

Capitol Periodontal Group

"Everything was fixed so quickly I am so happy that I will be able to work from home again 🙂 Thanks!!!!!”

Expression Systems

“You guys are great! You immediately responded to my email and ran all kinds of tests to make sure my computer wasn't infected by a virus. You really gave me peace of mind after I got that scary pop up. So thanks!”

Bennett Engineering Services

“Although I did not speak to the same tech, everyone involved was very informed of the problem and I did not need to explain every time. The issue was resolved in a very timely manner :)”

Elk Grove Adult Community Training

“Very flexible and prompt!”

Bennett Engineering

“Fast, magical, it works again.”

King Williams LLP

“You guys are the best!”

Capitol Periodontal Group

“Always the fastest and best service!”

Springer Financial Advisor

“Every time I call I am greeted with a friendly representative always willing to help, and even IF that can’t help me they ALWAYS offer to call back so they can find the appropriate people to assist the current situation. I also really like the fact that they don't keep you on the phone, they gather all the information of the issue and offer to call back once they have pin pointed the problem, that way you can continue to work and not have to be on hold, really helps defuse a situation and gains trust. Thank you for ALWAYS helping and FIXING the problem.”

RNR Construction, Inc.

"My experience was great because - by Conner pursuing it - I learned what was a normal VR window & what was one to worry about (because it would lead to a freeze). So glad his judgment prevailed."

Animal Vision Center

"Problem fixed, huzzah."

Guenard & Bozarth

“Problem promptly resolved thanks!”

Guenard & Bozarth, LLP

“Efficiency of requests taken care of in a very timely manner! Thank you!”

Capitol Periodontal Group

"Quick response. Thanks"

Urogynecology Consultants

"It was handled right away.."

Capitol Periodontal Group

"Arian is always very helpful and gets the job done."

Bennett Engineering

"We have been trying to handle this directly with our website provider and they basically gave up and told us everything was set up right and they didn't know why this was happening. I'm glad you guys had a higher level of experience to resolve the issue. Thanks!"

Symphony Financial Planning

"Quick response time."

Capitol Periodontal Group

"Conner resolved the issue very fast! Thank you!"

Raymus Homes

"Pavel, was able to help me over the phone. He quickly solved the problem. Great job Pavel. Thank you."

Capitol Periodontal Group

"It was resolved over the phone right away"

Vision One Credit Union

"Worked around our schedule."

Urogynecology Consultants

"Our issue was promptly and effectively handled."

Guenard & Bozarth

"It was fixed fast!"

Capitol Periodontal Group

"I learned new info from Conner on how to possibly prevent this from happening again."

Capitol Periodontal Group

"I called and within a few minutes Connor was logged in to my computer remotely and fixing my issue. Thanks!"

Veterans of Foreign Wars

"Service was fast."

Bennett Engineering

"Conner called and explained the reasoning and what to do. :)"

Capitol Periodontal Group

"Conner was polite and proactive….Conner followed up with professionalism as is his usual practice."

Chem Quip

“What a relief to have you guys. Thanks so much for great work, fast response, and incredible attitudes.”

Animal Vision Centre

"Fast turnaround and I didn't have to do anything. Thanks!"

Symphony Financial Planning

"Networking Solutions has a great staff and I appreciate everything they do to help our firm."

Springer Financial Advisors

"The thing I like best about Networking Solutions is their responsiveness."

Business Manager
The Union Gospel Mission

Office Manager
Republic Electric West

"The thing I like best about Networking Solutions is their availability to help us with any problem that may arise."

Human Resouce Anylist
Elk Grove Adult Community Training Center

"The thing I like best about Networking Solutions in their full service."

The Union Gospel Mission

"They have to be the best technology group around."

“They have to be the best technology group around.”

"The staff at Networking Solutions is thorough with their evaluation of any issues and follow up after resolving it. Our company has been a client of Networking Solutions for 5 plus years. Since being a customer we have enjoyed being stress-free when it comes to our server back-up. As the Technology Manager of our program, I can say that Networking Solutions has made my job much easier knowing that they are there to monitor and resolve any issues we might have with our network. Jon and the staff at Networking Solutions have been outstanding at finding ways to get whatever we need done in a speedy, efficient and economical way. Our whole office enjoys the great personal touch that all the staff at Networking Solutions gives us. They have to be the best technology group around."

Technology and Resource Manager
Elk Grove Adult Community Training

"Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity"

“Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity”

"Jon Cooper and his company Networking Solutions have provided our business with comprehensive IT support for many years. Jon and his team are experts in the field and have been very responsive to our needs. They have worked proactively to ensure that we have the systems in place to meet the varied demands of our business growth. I would highly recommend their services."

The California Academy, Inc.

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity”

"Jon and Networking Solutions (the team) always exceed my expectations, they have always provided service quickly and responsibly."

Accurate Fire Protection

"Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value"

“Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value”

"Networking Solutions is a trustworthy source of information, and their service is second to none. In all my dealings with them I have experienced excellent follow-through, professional correspondence, and outstanding prices. Networking Solutions provides a "one stop shop" for service, integrity, and value."

Vice President
River City Produce Sales

"...Staff at NS continues to monitor and keeps me abreast of changes..."

“…Staff at NS continues to monitor and keeps me abreast of changes…”

"Whenever I bring an issue to the staff of Networking Solutions, they diligently work on resolving the problem and identify the cause. When an issue is found and resolved, staff at Networking Solutions continues to monitor and keeps me abreast of changes. Networking Solutions has taken over the upgrading of our database along with their regular monitoring of the compatibility of software upgrades. NS knows our technological environment. When we talk on the phone they are aware of the equipment that we have on site. We have a great working relationship. They work compatibly with all of our application vendors. This has been proven with email, servers, firewall, Microsoft and all of our database applications."

Union Gospel Mission

“… If we encounter any trouble at all, NS Is only a telephone call away…”

"I wanted to take a quick moment to express my sincere appreciation on what a great job you and your team do. There are many ways that you service exceeds those of other companies but I was especially impressed at the time and thought Marcus took when looking into monitor stands for our reception area. When we needed monitor stands for the front desk area of our office Networking Solutions took into account not only the equipment that would be needed for the task but they also shopped around for the best price and solution for us. We also appreciate the peace of mind that having automatic backups provides us with. From virus software, to our database application and everything else, NS is great at taking care of us, If we encounter any trouble at all, NS is only a telephone call away and can usually take care of the issue immediately. Having the ability for them to log onto our computers to quickly remote and resolve our issue is great. Thank you for all you do!"

Operations Leader
Paul Mitchell Advanced Education

Stephanie Van Dyke

"Whenever I have a problem with any computer issue such as QuickBooks, Marcus or any available tech takes whatever measures to find and fix the problem including calling Intuit and speaking to their vendor support people. The staff at Networking Solutions is the best I’ve seen. I love knowing that when I have a problem Networking Solutions will take care of it almost immediately. We have a much more reliable back-up solution now as a result of Networking Solutions monitoring and managing the backups. It’s been pretty smooth sailing at our office since partnering with Networking Solutions."

Van Dyke Law Group
Truckee, Ca

Beth Symons

"I have been proactive in my office and needed someone who did the IT work without being prompted. It is nice to be able to call someone to handle the computer system and they know who I am when I call - It is one less thing I have to be an expert on. Networking Solutions worked on a hardware problem until it was resolved. The problem lasted over a couple of weeks and took numerous hours to correct. Our technician, Marcus, has been available weekends and evenings to handle issues that have cropped up outside of normal business hours. In addition to their excellent customer service, I like the fixed fee arrangement. It makes me feel comfortable that I know the cost for the year."

Symons Accountancy
Galt California